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Rules - Cric Fantasy League

You have a budget of 1,00,00,000 and must select 11 players. Your Cric Fantasy team, at any given time, must be composed of:

  • Three Batsman
  • Three All Rounders
  • One Wicketkeeper
  • Four Bowlers

When you select players into your team, it is possible to filter by role and by a team name.

When you have found a player you would like to have in your team, please click on the green + button. The player will be added to your team. If you regret a player purchase (before saving), simply click on the red '-' button next to the player and he will be removed again.

Once you have selected your team, you must select a Power Player! Your Power Player will score double points, and could be the difference between success and failure, so choose carefully!

When you have finalised your team and Power Player,Press 'Save' and congratulations - you are ready for the game!

You are given with 1,00,00,000 and you must select your Fantasy Team within that given limit.

Unlimited substitutes before the start of the series.

From Start of the tour till end of the group stage you get 112 swaps.

Between group stage to super four unlimited swaps.

From Eliminator till Finals only 12 substitutes allowed

Players should be substituted before the 1st ball being bowled.

Players can't be substituted for ongoing match, but yes you can change it for next match.

Action Points
Run 1
Six Bonus 5
Run Scored Between 50 and 99 Double(2x)
Run Scored 100 or Above Double(3x)
Duck -10
Strike Rate: 0-74.99 -10
Strike Rate:75-99.99 0
Strike Rate: 100-149.99 20
Strike Rate: 150-199.99 30
Strike Rate: 200+ 50
Action Points
Wicket 35
Wicket 3 and 4 Double(2x)
Wicket 5 and Above Double(3x)
Maiden 30
Economy rate: 0-6.00 15
Economy rate: 6.01-8.00 0
Economy rate: 8.01-10.00 -5
Economy rate: 10.01-12.00 -10
Economy rate: 12.01+ -15
Action Points
Catch 20
Stumping 25
Run-out 20
Action Points
Man of the Match 50
Each player on the winning team 10
Each player on the winning team (In the Super Four or Final) 20

In the event that a match starts, but does not finish (ie if a 'No Result' is declared), all players will score zero points for that match.

If a match is decided by the Duckworth-Lewis method, all players will score points earned during the match, however long it may be.

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